Saturday, April 17, 2010

Discovery Hulu Selangor

My sister & I joined a 2 Days 1 Night camping at Hulu Selangor , it was organised by Tourism Selangor FOR FREE. Just get back from there yesterday at 8pm. It was really really fun! I enjoyed myself there & would love to join these particular activities again next time .

Day 1, from Shah Alam, we arrived at Kem Bina Semangat at 9 am and had some morning tea. I would say its about 40 participates and most of us are from Selangor. After registered ourselves, we depart to Chilling Water Fall. We joined tubing launch at Chilling Bridge, the tubing activity is super fun and duper painful, I hurt by butt so bad HAHA

MB Selangor
Add ImageAdd ImageSafety Briefing, Tube Rush

Then , we started Jungle Trekking plus Nature Craft Session & Stream Ecology.

Chilling Waterfall :D

After 10 miles walk(not), we had our dinner and gather for some talks on Malaysian Environment.

Day 2, after morning exercise (Chicken Dance*), we had our breakfast. At 8am, safety briefing on participation the team building activities , Kayaking & Abseiling.

Chicken Dance !

Well thats pretty much it, I had an awesome time, meeting some cool-new friends and doing the activities that I thought I would never do, HAHA.

Thought that I might lose some pounds, but naah, we ate like 6 times a day.
No seriously -.-

However, a big thanks to Tourism Selangor, cheers!

Yours Truly,

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  1. hurt ur butt arr??tot u got a good bumper like the instructor?? LMAO~